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What follows is a (credited) sample of the news coverage concerning the Earl Simmons also known as DMX rape arrest.

DNA helps DMX beat rape rap

Associated Press(as appearing in the Philadelphia Daily News)

NEW YORK -- DNA has exonerated DMX. Rape and sodomy charges filed by a stripper against rapper DMdmxpix2/movlink1X were dismissed yesterday by prosecutors.

"I never met the girl," DMX, a/k/a Earl Simmons, said after he emerged from Bronx Criminal Court, where the charges were dropped when prosecutors revealed that a DNA test of Simmons' blood did not match semen found on the woman. Simmons, 27, with an album on the pop charts, was arrested in June after the woman claimed she met him at the club Harlem Nights and went to what she thought was a party at a Bronx apartment, only to be attacked.

Criminal Court Judge Eduardo Padro dismissed rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment charges against Simmons, who lives in Mount Vernon. The dismissal came after prosecutors from the office of Bronx District Attorney Robert T. Johnson announced in court that they could not prove charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

Simmons' album "It's Dark And Hell Is Hot" debuted at the top of the Billboard pop charts at the start of the summer. This fall, Simmons is set to debut in his first movie role, playing a Queens-based hustler in "Belly."

His lawyer, Matt Middleton, said it is hard to erase the stain left by the arrest of Simmons even after the charges were dismissed.

"He was immediately negatively portrayed and his lyrics were critically analyzed," Middleton said. "He didn't have a chance." Still, the lawyer added, the negative publicity has not seemed to adversely affect ticket sales for his concerts or his music. Middleton said he and his client were notified by the prosecutor's office by telephone on Tuesday that the DNA in his blood sample did not match the semen found on the alleged victim.

Lyor Cohen, chief executive officer of Def Jam Recording Group, said radio stations and video stores had refused to display Simmons' music prominently after the charges were filed. Cohen said Simmons' album had sold about 1.5 million copies and was projected to reach between 3 million and 5 million in sales, further boosting the career of a man compared to the late rapper Tupac Shakur. "He still is an outlaw, the most renegade artist right now in the music business," Cohen said. (© 98 Philadelphia Daily News)

dmxpix1DNA Clears DMX by Marcus Errico August 20, 1998, 12:25 p.m. PT

Thanks to DNA, rapper DMX has been cleared of a rape rap. New York authorities dropped rape and sodomy charges against the 27-year-old artist (real name: Earl Simmons) Thursday, after tests proved it was not his semen on his accuser, a 29-year-old exotic dancer. "I never met the girl," DMX said outside the courthouse

DMX was busted in the Big Apple back on June 17, just weeks after his debut album came out of nowhere to top the music charts. Authorities booked him on charges of rape, sodomy and unlawful imprisonment, alleging DMX met the stripper at a club and invited her to a friend's apartment in the Bronx for a private show. The previously little-known rapper kicked around the music biz for years, producing cuts like "Born Loser," before zooming to national prominence with the release of It's Dark and Hell Is Hot. With no fanfare, that collection debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. pop album charts in early June.

It was a rare moment of undiluted success for DMX. The rapper's personal life has been as dicey as his professional one. He has a police rap sheet dating back to 1988, according to Gotham newspaper reports. (© 98 E! Online News)


DMX Cleared Of Rape Charges

(as appearing on MTV news)

Charges of rape, sodomy and unlawful imprisonment against rapper DMX were dismissed in a Bronx courtroom on Thursday morning, as prosecutors announced it was unable to prove its case against DMX beyond a reasonable doubt.

A judge had ordered DNA tests to determine whether there was any connection between the rapper and the 29-year-old stripper who had accused him of attacking her in June (see "Rapper DMX Arrested On Rape Charges).

As we previously reported (see "DMX Reps Claim DNA Evidence Proves Innocence In Rape Case"), on Wednesday a spokesman for DMX informed MTV News that the results of those tests had come back negative.

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