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People be asking what happened to Wendy Williams! Well Puffy, according to Wendy, blackballed her. 1st he got her suspended! Then when she wouldn't back down, when she repeated EVERYTHING she said about Puffy was TRUE!! Puffy (Now a VERY POWERFUL MOGUL) had her taken off the air until her contract ends. Semantics calls it fired since even if she was outright fired, they would have to pay her til the contract ends!!

*99NOTE: Wendy be working elsewhere now, at least she was. Her site WAS back up again, now it's back down. Maybe she's at the radio Stations website. I dunno, I don't care! I t wasn't about Wendy, it wasn't about Puffy, it was about truth, abuse of power, and the underground! Peace

HERE ARE THE PIX that got her suspended!!



Bigg Up to Bigg Sevin


PLEASE NOTE: We at IndieSent do NOT agree with Wendy's Negativity aka gossip. We could care less about ANYONE's sexuality!! Live and Let live has ALWAYZ been our collective motto! We Do NOT give credence to the allegations NOR do we even represent that these pictures "prove" ANYTHING!! That is NOT our Intention! Why then, if we don't care about Wendy etc are we giving space to this page?? Because 1) NO ONE should use their power against ANYONE esp. if it is to SQUASH THE TRUTH 2) NO ONE should be fired for telling the truth! 3)You CANT hide from the underground!!


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